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9/11 Hearts

Sept. 11th seemed like an ordinary day.

I woken up, skipped breakfast, and played keep-away.

I had gone to school, talked to my friends, waiting for the day to end.

I got home. Everything was quiet. I turned on the news. And then I needed a friend

I watched the footage of a plane crashing.

Then I thought they did replay. Nope. Footage of another plane smashing.

I thought all the thoughts the people could have thought, I thought of all the scared faces.

And I thought of all the families crying about their loss in diff places.

Damn, this sucks. I thought.

But, it hadn't fully registered... reality was sought.

It took me 1 day to realize we lost, it wasn't show.

I felt ashamed and low.

I know a muslim or two.

Who's lives completely changed into a miserable blue.

9-11 came and it went, but the sorrow has not yet been fully spent.


Meant To Me
I cant believe how much you meant to me.
I guess I was stupid and young.
There were many notes I left unsung.
I walk past you, without a slanting glare.
In the game of love and war we all must be fair.
My heart doesn't ache anymore when I hear your name
I still love you, but you are still the same.
We share the same friends, we love the same food, for some reason we try not to be rude.
I dont get why you had to make me cry.
I laid out my heart
And I laid my soul
But you departed me in a hurry faster than a current sea.
I don't understand why you want to be friends.
Our past, my past is living from the tips to the ends.
You may say I'm stupid you may say i'm gay.
I won the battle and the war, I'll win it everyday.
~Shady Lane~
January 1. 2005

I changed things for the better.
I made it on my own.
I learned how to do the things that were shown.
I wish I could save the world.
I leave that to Super Girl.
I'm pretty normal
I guess you could say
But who the hell cares?
I dont care what you think anyway
I have my friends, I have my family
One day you will see
I'm not so cheery all the time
Sometimes I'm sad
I run out of stuff 2 rhyme
I have a dark side, a light side, and a blue
Sometimes it's hard for me to stay true
I guess that's life, no way its perfect
But i'm get on by
As long as I have my friends I'll need alright.
~Shady Lane~
January 8th

I'm sick of not being able to be true
I'm sick of bending my back for you
I dont want to feel this way
NO this isn't angst this isn't a play
People say all this bullshit about me
I dont see why they have to make more misery
I go to school, i follow the rules
I feel so ripped off and unhappy
I think of all the things I used to love
That floated from me and gone above
I am tired of being careful
Holding something so tight it floats away
I am sick of always hoping for the next day
Or missing the last because I had a blast
I want to the love the present, and be loved too
But there's only so much a girl can do
~Shady Lane~
January 8th, 2005

Writing is not just writing... it's mending the past and helping the future