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Shady Lane's Pen and Paper

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A story in installments of 13

Installment One (Email for any past installments)
It was 2:30 when I bumped into Isaiah in the hall. I walked around him and he glared at me. Isaiah was new... he came from Canada. Canada's not that far away but he seemed foreign. Isaiah has been here a week and a half and yet he had no friends yet. I felt sort of bad for him, but I wasn't going to befriend him. He didn't seem that cool... besides what would the guys think?
I walked up to Jack and he whispered, "Who does that guy think he is? Looking one of us in the face... the weird newbie." I didn't say anything... like I could. It was friday and we couldn't wait to get out  of school. Half an hour left... I breathed. Isaiah was my new next door neighbor. It sucked. His mom, Joyce and my mom, Judith were becoming best friends. They knew eachother in high school.
"Isaiah Jones and Caleb Tyskton please report to the office for early dismissal please." The speaker spat.
"How come you're going home with that punk?" Jack spat.
"I dno. I never knew about that. My parents will regret this." I growled fakely. What does a guy have to do to belong?
"Look, man I'll c ya Sunday at the park right? At 2?" Jack asked.
"Um... sure." I grabbed my backpack and ran down the hall atleast 10 feet ahead of Isaiah. In the office only Joyce was there.
"Where's my mom?" I asked her not looking at Isaiah.
"Oh. She got a new job so now on afternoons you'll be with us." Joyce smiled.
"My mom hates jobs. She told me yesterday." I snapped.
"Not anymore." Joyce answered.
I reluctantly got in their car and I thought about all the chores I would have done to not hang out with newbie who was right next to me. I could smell cologne... yuck.
We got to their white house. "Since it's 78 degrees out I demand you two do your homework on the porch." Joyce smiled going in.
I set my homework up on a section as far away from Isaiah as possible. He kept sending me awkward looks.
"What are you lookin' at, newbie?" I snapped.
He looked down. I felt even worse.
He put his head up and said...

Frozen Thought
This thought freezes in my mind.
Drives me crazy.
Drives me blind.
I think of what we could have been.
 If you and your memory werent such a sin.
I've said some dumb things... I've said them twice.
 I've crossed the line to think of how make you smile. 2 much effort, aint worth while.
You robbed my heart. you robbed my soul.
I await in pain of a console...
~Shady Lane~
January 8th, 2005

Robbers and Cops
I caught you...
Acting like you did;
I'm the cop
Fear me
I'll make your favorite dream a past and scary memory.
You're the robber
Your heart is bad
My force catches you, puts you in jail.
You used to be strong... now you're frail.
It's all similies and metaphors, but i'll always have the higher score.
One way or another..i AM gonna find ya.
I WILL get ya.
Cuase I'm you worst nightmare.
I am the cop. You are the robber.
Make sure you feel my pain, so you'll recognize it. again and again...
~Shady Lane~
January 8th, 2005

Writing is not just writing... it's mending the past and helping the future